Watershed Management

The overall attributes of the watershed development approach, by and large, are three fold, viz.

  1. promoting economic development of the rural area;

  2. employment generation; and

  3. restoring ecological balance to develop equitable distribution of the benefits of land and water resources development

This results in the consequent biomass production, involvement of village communities in participatory planning, implementation, social and environmental arrangement, maintenance of assets and to operate in a more socially inclusive manner. Main benefits which can be achieved from IWMP are :

  • Landslide control and slope stabilization

  • Increase in water availability in water scarce areas through water harvesting structures

  • Increase in surface water and ground water

  • Reduction in soil erosion leading to better soil moisture retention and preservation of soil fertility

  • Positive change in land use pattern

  • Crop intensification

  • Reduced migration

  • Well-planned Land Use

  • Cropping and farming strategies