Utilities and Engineering

In current age of technology, successful utility service must take that advantage of its resources, from people to equipment to information. We provide cmpetitive service in utilities using GIS for improving the day to day operations, where GIS can be used to closely model utility network and integrate other, related information, such as raster images, CAD drawing etc. Our geospatial service allows the user to visualize scheduled work, on going activities, recurring maintenance and historical information. Our tracking services include tracking of events generated by specific service, tracking of complaints, tracking of service executives and asset managements.

The sectors that we cater to, include-

  • Electricity / Power Network

  • Telecom

  • Sewerage/Water Network Planning

We also service water & waste water sectors to integrate the necessary information and applications with geographic entities into one manageable system to organize the flow of water & waste water by tracking the location and condition of water and sewerage mains, valves, hydrants, storage facilities and manhole etc.