Road & Highway Engineering

Our engineers are committed to delivering infrastructure solutions and services that improve highways and enhance lives in the communities they connect. We perform studies, surveys, design and preparation of contract documents for primary and secondary roadways, urban streets, street intersections, multi-level interchanges, and major highways. During the design phase, our dedicated team of engineers pay close attention to the key factors like: Shortage Path, Maximum user connectivity, minimum wastage of futile land, minimizes the no of river/ water bodies crossing, minimizes the construction cost by using cut & fill principle.

Our geospatial services for roadway/highway and bridge projects include support for:

  • Transportation planning

  • Design/build projects

  • GIS/survey integration

  • Land Development

  • Profile & Cross Section

  • Reconnaissance survey of all the possible or practicable routes

  • Horizontal & Vertical Route Alignment Survey

Our Additional services and solutions for road and bridge projects address alternative design screening, environmental impact statements and environmental assessments, and project collaboration tools and document management – all of which have a big impact on a project's bottom line and its ultimate success.