Remote Sensing

SGPL has extensive expertise in satellite image interpretation and processing, having worked with most of the commercially available satellite data products, including IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT, ASTER, IRS, Landsat, Radarsat, MODIS, and NOAA. Our dedicated and well-versed staff is equipped to deliver high-quality and cost-effective services in any remote sensing project. With years of experience backing them up and the academic qualifications in remote sensing, our advisory board is well placed to tackle any project in this field, providing innovative and well-designed solutions using the latest satellite image analysis techniques.

Our specialties are:

  • Aerial Photography

  • Ground Control and Mapping

  • Detailed Topography

  • Land use/land cover morphology data (used in wireless network planning)

  • Land use land cover mapping for environmental applications

  • Agronomic & Meteorological/hydrological investigations & Hydrography

  • High-resolution urban mapping

Our RS services include:

  1. Procurement

    For all remote sensing services, latest satellite images are procured to derive valuable and accurate information for a wide range of applications across the fields of telecom, natural resources, watershed management, livelihood development, Land use/Land Cover and utility planning. Our consultants have in-depth and up-to-date experience with a large range of satellite imagery data, including aerial photography, LiDAR, SLAR and Landsat, amongst others to provide your business with the highest quality information possible.

  2. Analysis

    The next step in a project is analyzing the image. The purpose of analysis can be feature extraction (street lights, drain pipes, roads, canals etc.), change detection (over a period of time – e.g. slum surveys and their timeline), mapping (ground control, land use/land cover, hydrography and water quality mapping, forest density/vegetation mapping, species level forest mapping, snow and glacier mapping)

  3. Solutions

    Providing detailed topography, Land use/land cover morphology data (used in wireless network planning), Vector updates, spatial data systems development, Software installation and management, systems integration and in-house data analysis.