Following its foundation in 2009, Spatial Geotech Pvt. Ltd. (SGPL) today is assisted by a dedicated team of experts drawn from various fields such as GIS and Remote Sensing, Dairy Production, Processing and Management and a multitude of industries such as Agriculture & Forestry, Irrigation, Mining, Power, Infrastructure and Watershed management. The organization is proud to have very eminent persons from diverse fields on its panel, who provide their consulting services as well as priceless business advice to us.

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Our Vision, Our Aim

SGPL aims to focus on research and development and deliver the most cost-effective, and high quality geospatial technology, services and solutions to the industries and governments worldwide. It aims to work for the welfare of the community by providing efficient, accurate and implementable solutions and innovations for a better world.

Our Objectives

  • To provide high end geospatial solutions, aimed at addressing the socio-economic issues. To consistently deliver solutions that meet the requirements of the society while maintaining high standards of quality, efficiency and effectiveness

  • Provide best in the industry environments for growth and research and development for our valuable staff.

  • Provide technologically advanced solutions for problems faced by the community and partners.

  • To adapt to and incorporate change. To continually motivate our staff and Directors to keep up with the change through industry events, conferences and seminars.

  • To achieve a leadership and dominant role worldwide in the areas of its operation. To encourage joint ventures in countries in high need of cost-effective geospatial services.

  • To foster an environment of continual growth – in revenue, size of projects and in team size.

  • To engage in healthy competition.

  • To be an instrument of change for greater common good.

Our Advantage

SGPL banks on its extensive skills, vast resource, and considerable know-how to manage large, complex projects for clients with many different business challenges, operating in a wide range of industry sectors.

The SGPL Advantage

How Our Clients Benefit

Unique ability to provide complete data, engineering, and software solutions under one roof

One stop shop solution provider to manage client business efficiently

Innovative automated processes

Cost optimization and efficiency gains resulting from extensive process automation

Deep domain expertise in a variety of vertical markets

Higher quality solutions due to superior domain understanding

Unmatched geo-processing capacities

Quick execution and rapid project delivery thanks to our large human resource base and automated workflow systems