Legacy System Integration

Legacy system can be an older program, machine or application which carries some historical data that is consequential to the overall being of an organization. Whether or not the legacy system is in use, sometimes the data it carries is of high value and thus cannot be destroyed, but needs to be converted to a modern format. Here at SGPL, we make it happen for your organization, allowing seamless integration of the historical data into the modern technologies.

The utilization of Geographic Information Systems and its technologies in conjunction with the ability to integrate within various applications, systems and hardware throughout an organization; which allows the management of assets and infrastructure in otherworld we can say Integration of GIS application with existing Enterprise/Legacy systems providing a lasting solution to corporate GIS needs of your organization. In any enterprise system, Geospatial data integration expands the scope of decision support and analysis capabilities. In order to provide business intelligence and knowledge-based enterprise system through GIS technology, tools and solutions, we offer our services from needs assessment to deployment and support, building a high-end GIS-integrated enterprise system with data security, consistency and non redundancy of data and applications.

For example existing system like CRM hold the details of the customers & other valid relevant data, Tax management system would like to visualize the report(tax payer/no tax payers) in GIS format , utilities network like water, sewerage network, Gas, Electric network, also willing to track their complaints based on GIS application, if there is any these core requirement help us to think about the solutions for all these problem, here we offer needs assessment, requirements analysis, GIS-based system architecture, data warehouse and system design, system integration, deployment and post-deployment end-user support to maintain value of the enterprise system.

Enterprise Syctem Integration with GIS