Field Survey

We offer specialized services in Topographic Survey/Contour Survey Hydrographic Survey, LiDar Survey and Route Alignment Survey.

Topographic Survey/Contour Survey

Detecting the changes in topography can have a great influence on determining the nature of features in a geographical survey. It is vital to produce a detailed and complete topographical survey as part of the field survey of any given site. We have state-of-art software & best in industry survey equipment which facilitate us to provide the services in Topographic and Contour Survey using total station and DGPS.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic Surveying is the process of extraction of the river network from a digital elevation model (DEM) plays a fundamental role in modeling spatially distributed hydrological processes. Our surveyors and experts will make sure that your needs are meted out with whilst ensuring that all work adheres to Health & Safety norms.

Route Surveying

We offer Route Surveying which is related to the layout and construction of relatively larger-scale linear and sub-linear engineered systems such as fluid pipelines (gas, drainage) electric transmission lines, rail lines and roadways. Our route surveying system is generally associated with highway design and construction. We have best of the industry experts with the highest levels of skill and the applied technology to achieve this.