Field Investigation and Testing

Today's economic realities require different infrastructure, civil works and utility networks to operate at peak efficiencies. Take example of a water network: Inefficient system operation, leaks, or inaccurate flow metering can result in wasted water and lost revenue.

Identifying and addressing such problems requires monitoring, testing and evaluating the existing design and pumping system performance. Maximizing system operational efficiency will increase revenues and improve accountability.

Common field tests performed by expert, experienced SGPL technicians include (for):

  • Ground control mapping

  • Strip Survey and alignment survey

  • Meteorological/ Hydrological investigation and hydrography

  • Market, social-economic and resource Survey

  • Environmental & pollution control Survey

  • Soil mechanics/rock mechanics testing and analysis

  • Geological/Geo-technical investigation

  • Cadastral survey/Re-survey

  • Topographic Survey

  • LIDAR survey