Director's Message

Sanjay Gupta, CMD

It gives me immense pleasure to see my company steadily marching towards its aim. In August 2009, I started the company out with an idea support from my alma mater (IIT, Roorkee). Dr. P.K. Garg really helped me throughout the process of realizing my dreams, be it providing me constant guidance throughout my first project "Uttarakhand Urban Infrastructure development programme" or today, with the key expertise required in our biggest projects. Before the inception of SGPL, through its nascent stages and even today, his support has been unbounded and I am grateful to Dr. Garg for his valuable presence at SGPL. Over the last 5 years, we have grown from strength to strength in terms of projects’ list, servicing leading Government organizations in the country. Our key emphasis is on Geospatial Systems with the spotlight on Research and Development, resulting in improved technologies. Advanced capacities and skills in providing geospatial solutions in time, will act as the change agent for socio-economic development for the betterment of the society. We believe that continuous investments in R&D and capacity building of its staff, partners and community shall result in development of several new products and solutions.

At SGPL, we have genuine regard for the interests of our employees, customers and members of the communities in which we operate. Consequently, our values are designed keeping this in mind. Our approach to business involves providing world-class service to our customers at competitive rates. At SGPL, we are very proud to have a corporate image built around quality and integrity. Management pays close attention to the community, employees and customers on a regular basis, because they are the pillars of our existence. After all, it is only with the community and customer’s support, a cooperative and productive workforce, a satisfied customer base and a strong corporate brand that a company can be successful.

With a mission at hand, SGPL has ventured out towards a better future and facilitating it is one of our biggest objectives. As a part of our core objectives, we have grown YOY to a total of 40 office staff in 2013, which includes GIS engineers, assistants and experts in mapping. Externally, we also have a network of who's who in the field of Watershed Management, Land Information Management, Irrigation systems, Mining, Geology and an affluent advisory board with combined expertise of over 200 years. The team also saw its new GM in 2012, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Bhuttar (who is also our Sr. Technical Specialist) a CFO, Annu Gupta in 2012 (who is also my significant half in personal life) and a Business Development Lead, Richa Arora in Q3, 2013. Our technical expertise, together with the guidance from the who's who in the industry and our dedication to make it happen helps us to be the instrument of change towards the common good. I am grateful to everyone in the team who is working towards this common goal.